Monday, August 31, 2009

About My Work

I have always been a storyteller. My drawings as a child always had stories in them, and my fiber work as an adult has continued in this vein. A poem, a song, a quote, a scene...any can evoke an image in my mind which then becomes one of my pieces. I pull colors, cut freehand (except on very detailed images), do "bare bones" sketches, and begin pinning and sewing intuitively as I go. I am centered, meditative, peaceful.
I love handwork, the feel texturally and emotionally of using my hands, of being so intimately inside the process. I work in layers, with the embroidery, the applique, the beads, the quilting, all being integral parts of the piece. They are not embellishments, not a small section that is "different"...they add, and are, the depth, the movement, the texture, of the work. I believe the spirit of the maker becomes a part of her work, that it naturally permeates the materials she uses and holds. I see great beauty in the fact that handwork is not perfect, that no stitches are the same, that an edge is not even...each stitch, thread, bead, emerging in its own way and time, just as each of us grows into her Self.

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