Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's About Time!

                                    "Grow Old With Me"                                
          I've grown old trying to get this blog started. I wish I could say I had really good reasons for this, but it's about technological ineptitude, going almost back to communication with two tin cans and a string---the good old days.
          I do all my work by hand. This piece is done entirely with embroidery chain and stem stitches. I start with a "stick" figure sketch on plain muslin. I then begin to stitch, curving and meandering, changing colors and threads and directions as I go. My "plan" evolves as I sew, sometimes ending up as I had pictured, sometimes entirely different. This piece uses my love of trees physically and metaphorically, teaching us about life and love.

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  1. Howdy there fellow fiber gal. Glad you made it to the present computer age.