Friday, September 11, 2009

The Unknown Blogger

I got lost in TechnoWorld again---I don't know how I navigate myself into so many dead ends--and the path in disappears behind me. I'm spending hours and hours either working on or reading about this computer!   Just when I think I've got it, something else happens that everyone tells me should not occur!  I really am trying to get new stuff in an old brain, but this computer (or as I find myself calling it: the Spawn Of Satan) evidently has a mind of its own and a higher IQ than I have. I'm overwhelmed...but I guess I'll keep slogging (blogging?) along. I do plan on showing up here again--maybe these last glitches of mine are done. We'll see--I may be the Unknown Blogger who appears out of nowhere and disappears just as quickly, a champion of Truth, Justice, and Fiber for all! I'll be back again----maybe.

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