Sunday, October 18, 2009

Continued Saga Of The Tired Blogger

Maybe I should make this blog about computers and the internet---I found out all these computer problems were not all ME!!  Mediacom is my server and it got lost sporadically,then no service for a week and, when it was back, all settings, etc., were GONE!! I've just returned to (enough) sanity after fixing it enough to try again. I'm coming to believe, not suspect, this is a sinister plot against me--technology has been lying in wait after all my insults over the years. Today I plan to get to work on a fall piece I've had in my head for weeks, but have put off due to to my sojourn in the Techno-Zone. It will be so good to get some colors and texture in my hands again. I'll leave with a picture of one of my first pieces: "Nothing Gold Can Stay." In honor of Autumn, change, and the death of a friend's grandfather.

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