Thursday, October 1, 2009

"I Am The Sum Total Of All My Experiences"

A few years ago, the question was posed, "Who am I?" ---This piece was my response.
The above quote has always seemed deeply true to me, "I am the sum total of all my experiences." This is my self-portrait which is 45" long and 37 3/4" wide. I drew a pattern for the parts of the body, cut out the leaves/ vines/ buds freehand. The pictures are of me at various times and ages and all made the same sepia tone to blend more together and with the "flesh." I transferred them onto inkjet fabric sheets, cut them out, and ironed them on. The words and phrases are all about me either in the past, present, or all through my life. I wrote and embroidered them by hand. The "body" has batting under the "parts" and are hand appliqued on, as are the vines, leaves, buds. I used yarn for the hair and hand beaded over various pieces and parts. The entire piece is hand quilted.
Making this was actually very interesting. I have always been aware of, and worked on, my spiritual and emotional life. I have experienced a lot of healing and progress over the years, but, even so, this project seemed to "settle" and calm me,also.  Following are some detail shots of this piece.

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