Sunday, October 4, 2009

Unknown Blogger Returns!!!

OMG!! This time I've been lost in the sub-level of Hell known as Blogger/Picasa/Disappear/Limbo!  All of my blog pictures vanished--gone--wiped out! I've finally been able to get them all back in---I ended up republishing to each post (after searching and searching for other methods...evidently Picasa had an issue with this just in time for me to experience it). I hope the pics STAY.  Well, I AM back---but I'm off again (pretend I didn't say that).  I HAVE to go to bed and SLEEP--my eyes are like squinty, red, burning marbles from looking at this monitor for hours! I gotta rest up for the next adventure of the Unknown Blogger--"Hi Yo..zzzzzz

1 comment:

  1. Luck me (and all of us out in cyber space) that you got them all back. I'm enjoying looking back through your posts.