Monday, January 18, 2010

My Good Old Days

January is drawing to a close, another year is already unfolding, and I’m really experiencing time passing seemingly as I blink my eyes.  I’ve always heard older people say this but, as I age, it does speed by.  I’ve been looking at some old pictures so I can finally make a family history book covering several generations for my children. I came across the following photos of the dolls and the doll bed I made for my daughter for Xmas, 1980 and 1981. I drew and sewed the dolls when the kids were asleep (so Santa could bring them). My daughter, Alex, did a lot of crawling around with them in her mouth; my (older) son, Jesse, whizzed the family around the house in a plastic truck which “wrecked” all the time. For the bed, I used the ends of an old day bed, added boards to the sides, and bottom plywood. Stained it all, and made “sheet,” quilt, pillows. She saw it and hopped right in!