Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SAQA Auction

Finished my 12" x 12" piece for the SAQA auction and will be mailing it off. It's hand appliqued, embroidered, beaded, with a small amount of quilting. I used commercial fabric, peacock feathers, and glass beads. It's the first time I've ever set out to make a piece a specific size, and I found it challenging at first. I love peacock feathers--the beauty, colors, fragility, and the inherent symbolism of vision and seeing. This is another part of our womanly being which is either often viewed as weakness or denied, but there is splendour in the spaces of a woman's soul.
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  1. What splendor! Your magnificently detailed work cannot be seen in those small photos. I hope everyone clicks on them to see larger photos of your stitching and beading. I'd love to see this with my own eyes.