Friday, June 4, 2010

OOPS!!! Part II

I  finished a piece for the exhibit, "No Place To Call Home."  I got ready to pull everything I needed to send---and found that, way back when, I had written the minimum size incorrectly---and I made it TOO SMALL to enter (20" vs 24") !  I cannot believe I did that--eye rolling--sigh--laugh--oh well, on to the next!  However, I am  going to put it here:

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  1. Oh my!! This so totally speaks to me! My dad died in Korea when I was a toddler; my mom passed away quite unexpectedly in '92, Since then I have lost both my older and younger brother. The baby brother is half a continent away and has his own life with children, grandchildren, etc. Having married an only child who lost his mom last June, we know that we are all we have. Except, of course, for the "family" we have collected!! Definitely a very poignant piece --- kt