Thursday, September 23, 2010

For Everything There Is A Season

Today is the first day of Autumn...beautiful skies, white clouds, just enough wind to move the tree branches around.  Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to feel like real fall, broiling heat gone!  Every season has a moment of perfection (and then I begin to complain).  The above is one of my first pieces when I was trying to see if I could make something look "seasonal".  

Backdoor Autumn

A friend and I have been in private practice together for years.  When we first opened, we had more free time than we wanted while trying to build our business.  We would go out back of our office and sit under a tree and talk about, therapy, possibilities, fears, it and we covered it and, most likely, laughed about it.   Sitting under that tree that autumn was breathing time, encourage and support each other time.  This was made for Julie...

"Backdoor Autumn" is 14"  x  14".    

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Deep Thoughts

"Courage in women
is often mistaken for insanity."


Sunday, September 12, 2010


20  1/2"  x  20  1/2"

What Goes Around Comes Around

"What Goes Around Comes Around"
26  1/2"  x  22  1/2"  

What Goes Around Comes Around!

So many people I know personally and professionally have been caught in unjust situations lately.  Surprise, shock, hurt, loss, anger, humiliation....people can be so unkind and even cruel to one another.  My heart hurts when these things happen.  I do believe that all our actions catch up to us, good or bad, even though we may never realize or know the connection.  I watch good hearted people trying to come to terms with painful situations without vengeance, and I think of the behavior of the people who hurt them.  And each of us will reap what we have sown.....