Monday, October 18, 2010

You're Invited To The Witches' Tea

Girls' Night Out
When:  All Hallow's Eve
Who: All The Cool Chicks
Where:  Gingerbread House Deep In The Woods
Ignore bread crumbs.
 Follow Chimney Smoke from oven.  

Saturday, October 16, 2010

More "Dream Of The White Dragon"

I made this piece (17 1/4" x  14 1/4") several years ago.  It emerged from a dream I had, even earlier,  in the mid-1980s.  I was struggling emotionally and spiritually, having made a whole-hearted commitment to growth, but wanting to fall back on some old defense mechanisms during this difficult time.

In the dream, I was standing on a hill looking down toward a white dragon sleeping on its nest of seven white eggs.  Some people went closer to it and it awoke with a horrible roar.  They began to run while the dragon rose into the sky, flying wildly and fast, breathing clouds of fire.  I felt the fear and found myself holding an old book and an odd, smoky glass or mirror.  This book held the secret of how to tame the dragon but I could only read the words if I held the glass just right....if not exact, the words were blurry and unintelligible.  The eggs cracked open and the dragon was circling ever more closely to me.  I had to know this!

After I woke up I began to search for meanings personally, spiritually, metaphysically, etc.  Eventually I settled on kundilini energy (life force) which is often symbolized by a dragon, white is pure Light, seven is the number of chakras (person's life force energy centers), When the kundilini energy flows cleanly through all chakras, healing and enlightenment can occur.  This energy is also connected to sexual energy and a person can easily be "diverted" from healing by using her sexual energy to avoid confronting her issues. (Okay, maybe that was me.")  The old book was ancient wisdom and could only be learned by serious study and exacting examination; it couldn't be learned superficially and without difficulty.  The glass or mirror is from the Bible where we now "know in part" and "see through a glass darkly"...but must put away "childish things" to grow and understand as an adult.  The "rainbow" colors around the eggs were the different colors of the chakras.  

Anyway, this was my interpretation and it pushed me to keep working my issues instead of avoiding them. Avoidance: one of my favorite and oldest defense mechanisms....I don't use it much anymore and this dream was one of my teachers.

Dream Of The White Dragon

Monday, October 4, 2010

Deep Thoughts

I went to a topless beach once.....
saw so many boobs,
I thought I was at a family reunion!