Friday, November 19, 2010

Almost Thanksgiving

When I was a child, we had a turkey named Tom  (of course).  Tom was our tormenter and protector.  Each time we left the house, we looked for him from the back door...if we didn't see him, we would go out.  Tom would then appear out of nowhere, chasing us all over the yard gobbling as loudly as he could while we shrieked and scattered!  There was one moment of truce only:  each school morning, he met us at the top of our driveway and escorted us down the hill, crossed the road with us, waited while we got on the bus, and then marched grandly back up to the house when the bus left.  In the evening, Tom was at the bottom of the driveway waiting for the bus.  He walked us up to the top of the driveway and then began to gobble and run after us and we took off screaming to the house.  Then there was the time he tried to get on the bus and the driver couldn't close the bus door without smashing him, or open it without him running further up the steps!  And our goat (Billy!) got on the bus twice...he actually made it into the aisle.  We were were nothing, if not consistent.  The image above is dedicated to Tom the Turkey... 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Contra Dance--Details

Contra Dance

22  7/8"  x  20  1/2"
Hand appliqued, embroidered, beaded, quilted
My granny was very musical, playing the piano, pump organ, guitar, and guitar-mandolin.  She played what we called  "old time" music.... traditional music and folk songs and gospel hymns.  My granny was in demand when she was young as neighbors and kin traipsed back and forth to visit and dance and sing.  She died when I was very little but I like to think that I got my love of this traditional music and dance from her.  This piece captures one moment and movement in time as the couple move together and apart and step to the music.