Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Contra Dance

22  7/8"  x  20  1/2"
Hand appliqued, embroidered, beaded, quilted
My granny was very musical, playing the piano, pump organ, guitar, and guitar-mandolin.  She played what we called  "old time" music.... traditional music and folk songs and gospel hymns.  My granny was in demand when she was young as neighbors and kin traipsed back and forth to visit and dance and sing.  She died when I was very little but I like to think that I got my love of this traditional music and dance from her.  This piece captures one moment and movement in time as the couple move together and apart and step to the music.   


  1. Hi Sue,
    I'm organizing a fundraising Contradance for a youth-run Meals on Wheels organization in Montreal.
    I found your image online and am wondering if I can use it for a poster.
    It's beautiful.

  2. Hi Sue

    what a beautiful quilt. I am making a poster for a community contra dance in Australia and was wondering if I might be able to use the image, with full acknowledgement of course, and a link to your blog


  3. Hi Sue,

    I also love your quilt, and I am creating a poster for a Community Contra Dance in Massachusetts,and would love to use this image with permission. I will include full acknowledgment and a link to your blog as well.
    Many thanks,