Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Extra! Read All About It!

Just released in paperback.
The female figure in lower left corner is the
project I contributed.  
Can be found at  www.larkcrafts.com or at Barnes&Noble.  

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Deep Thoughts

let me grow old
like beautiful lace,
cherished and treasured
and cared for with grace. 

  Lacemaker's Prayer

"Baby" Dolls

These photos show some of my "Inner Child" dolls which are around three inches tall.  They are made the same way the totem dolls are...although the words I use are more about children, wounded and healing.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Audacity + Fabric =

Life is faster...I'm slower...bad combination.  You know that old saying about "meeting yourself coming and going"?  I'm coming and I'm going, but I'm running into myself less and less... I just hope people will bring me home wherever I end up!

I'm posting some pictures of female totems I make.  They have changed and evolved over the years, beginning as "Audacious Women" with words of empowerment.  "Audacious" is what my mother used to call me whenever I wandered outside of appropiate female behavior or her own personal comfort zone.  This stage of change for them opened up to include all sorts of messages (love, hope,etc.) and/or made specifically for someone with her own personal message. 

They range in size from about six to nine inches tall and a number of different shapes and different types and colors (just like us).  Each doll is different...fabric, beads, yarns, threads, ribbons,etc.  I machine sew the fabric outline together, turn inside out, and stuff.  The hair is also added at this point.  I begin to hand embroider and bead, maybe a pattern or images I drew on, or I may follow designs on the fabric.  The word or words  are made of flat alphabet beads and are attached before any of the other outer work is begun.  I add a small loop on the back so it can be hung up if wanted.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

This Is NOT A Tease....New Art Work

While I haven't been able to work on more complicated pieces for many months, I did get to make some little things beginning a few months ago.  They range mostly in size from 3"x3" up through 5"x5"  with some larger and some a bit smaller.  I cut stiff pellon to the size I want and the cover fabric a little larger than the pellon.. Then I transfer pictures to fusible fabric, cut them out,  and then iron or sew them to my chosen fabric.  I proceed to hand embroider and bead them.

I glue ribbon or cord on the back at the top and then glue felt over the entire back. 
Ready to hang.


A New Year...2012

Forget about last night.  What happened on New Year's Eve, stays on New Year's Eve.
Today is a new day, a new year, a new start.