Sunday, January 8, 2012

Audacity + Fabric =

Life is faster...I'm slower...bad combination.  You know that old saying about "meeting yourself coming and going"?  I'm coming and I'm going, but I'm running into myself less and less... I just hope people will bring me home wherever I end up!

I'm posting some pictures of female totems I make.  They have changed and evolved over the years, beginning as "Audacious Women" with words of empowerment.  "Audacious" is what my mother used to call me whenever I wandered outside of appropiate female behavior or her own personal comfort zone.  This stage of change for them opened up to include all sorts of messages (love, hope,etc.) and/or made specifically for someone with her own personal message. 

They range in size from about six to nine inches tall and a number of different shapes and different types and colors (just like us).  Each doll is different...fabric, beads, yarns, threads, ribbons,etc.  I machine sew the fabric outline together, turn inside out, and stuff.  The hair is also added at this point.  I begin to hand embroider and bead, maybe a pattern or images I drew on, or I may follow designs on the fabric.  The word or words  are made of flat alphabet beads and are attached before any of the other outer work is begun.  I add a small loop on the back so it can be hung up if wanted.


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  1. Sue they are beautiful..I cannot even decide which one I like better.....