Monday, March 5, 2012

My Light Is Falling

We had beautiful weather last week, although there was a tornado about an hour from here where I grew up.  There were six people killed and one hundred some-odd injured.  It's an area that has always been lucky and doesn't have a history of tornados hitting, only passing by to other places.

I've had more dreams and memories of the past, of sun and storms, of changing weather and scenes and people.  Today has been dark and cold and my energy started to feel like that, also. This old piece hangs by my bedroom door for moments like this:

"My light is falling over the earth and slowly everything is blossoming
in it.  The hardest stones are opening like flowers."

Mother Meera, a holy woman from India, is responsible for this quote.  She teaches healing ourselves and our world, to love, to help, to be peace.  Something wonderful to contemplate today.


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  1. OH Sue this is lovely. You are cq'ing just beautifully...