Sunday, March 11, 2012

Whine, Whine, Whine!

Art Tragedy!!  I can barely bring myself to write this... I've worked so looong on this doggone wall to the place of trimming on the base before adding batting...(this is like remembering a bad dream)...I have flashes of scissors cutting through two layers in slow motion!  I've had to rip out some seams, cut some new pieces, and am now starting to embroider something I've already done...and that I had redone before that because I didn't like how it was looking.  Life, in the guise of myself, handed me a huge lesson in dealing with frustration and learning patience.  I thought I'd be posting some photos of this piece but, alas...!

In my time of shock and grief, I am brought to posting pictures of some more of my little pieces:


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  1. These are beautiful Sue. I especially like the 3rd one from the top....thanks for visiting my blog and I have send you a personal email.