Sunday, June 10, 2012

Deep Thoughts

To get something you never had,
you have to do something you never did.


Isn't It Loverly?

I spent most of this day at my friend's house ( with a small group of (mostly) women/artists. Everyone brought flowers, grasses, berries, and so forth to dye fabrics with.  It was a beautiful, sun filled day on her decks with enough cool breezes blowing around to keep us all comfortable.  There was a wild array of  plants, foods, juices, and people talking, laughing, and pounding on the things we placed on our various fabrics.  Rocks, mallet, potato masher, all put to work to break down the plants and release the juices and colors into the fabric.  Then throw in some bits of copper, and roll and wrap with twine.  We gathered our small bundles of various widths and lengths and put them all together in a cauldron to cook...the waiting  everything soaks, stews, and stains for a week!  It sounds like a witch's recipe!  In fact, I had a scenario running through my head where we were all dressed in black, cackling, and working on spells.  (My inner life is so often more interesting than my outer life.) 

And then we ate.  The End.     

Friday, June 8, 2012

Individual Grannies

I tried to make each figure different and unique as all humans are.  It was fun to do and also allowed me the time to come to know each one and what they want us to hear. The strength and wisdom of women's words that emerged from a crucible of fire and suppression must be taught to others, especially our daughters.  We are the examples and carriers of that strength and wisdom.  If we do not live and breathe and model it, we fail.  Who can respect and believe in us if we are not willing to stand up and fight for our value?  We must take and prove we are a powerful force to be dealt with and that we WILL NOT GO AWAY!