Friday, August 17, 2012

Gracie's Gift

My "adopted niece" graduated from high school earlier this year.  (She is Gracie and I'm Auntie Em)  She is a beautiful, talented, unique person and I wanted to make something different and meaningful for her.  In thinking about her becoming a young woman, I also began to think about myself at that age, about all females as we go from being girls to being women.  What might speak to her?  Might touch that spiritual Self?  Might help her find her path, her life mission?  This is when I began to think about the collage boxes and started playing around with things.  I wish these pictures were better, but the modge-podge was shinier than I was clever with lighting.  Here's the end result:

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  1. gorgeous! Maya Angelou is one of my favorites--this quote just gives me the chills, and yes, I think it's just right for your nieces rite of passage.♥