Monday, May 20, 2013

Cowgirls Are Better Than Cowboys!

I've been super busy today, but for me finally.  I've been able to get more done to close down my old business....and, oh, it feels so good.  It's hard to imagine how much more time and energy I'll have.  I was thinking today about my "hero" as a little girl, Annie Oakley.  I didn't know anything about the "real" one, but I loved the one on television.  She could stand up on a running horse, hit anything she aimed at, and was braver and smarter than all the males.  She was a good role model for me since the only others were housewives (who really seemed to like being in the kitchen). The following are some of my small cowgirl collages:

    AND, while not cowgirls, I think this fits here:
Happy Trails!

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