Friday, May 24, 2013

MY Annie Oakley

This is a picture of my Annie Oakley from 1950's Saturday morning kid shows.  Once for Xmas, my mom made me a "cowgirl skirt" and vest with fringe on them; she used a stencil and painted a small horse on the front of the vest.  I also got my handy six-shooters and a cowgirl hat....and the hat had her ACTUAL signature on the hatband!  I was one happy little cowgirl!  I practiced my quick draw alone and with combinations of my sisters.  I also practiced drawing and shooting from different positions, creeping quietly and slowlyyyy  up behind people, jumping out of and off of trees, rocks,whatever.  I was especially good at dying.... melodramatic?....unexpected?....slow?  And, best of all, the one where you look dead and not moving.... and stagger up and weave around shooting your gun while the others try shoot you actually dead. Which, of course, creates a deep need for "thespianism" from the future corpse.

I had a lot of fun and I absorbed a lot of power being Annie Oakley.  I never did learn to shoot while standing on my horse's back....however, I did destroy the arms of the couch while trying. And I've given myself credit for effort....Annie would want it that way!

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