Tuesday, October 28, 2014

For The Modern Witch -1927

I've always loved old illustrations and spent a lot of time trying to draw them.  Better yet, one would make me think of a story and the story dictated how I would draw the image.  As I write this, I realize this is basically how my art pieces emerge....

Birth Day For Taylor!

There is a wonderful young woman at my office who works the reception area, handles all the people who come for services,  AND all the providers who work there. She just had a new baby girl named Taylor.....This is her gift from me, made with a vintage handkerchief, and hand embroidered with vintage embroidery images.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Remembering Summer

The leaves left on the trees here are brown, the colors gone.  The world is greying into winter.  So one last glimpse of summer.


"Summer Tree"
Hand embroidered and appliqued.  The small leaves were individually cut out and sewn on by hand. 
Each leaf was also outlined with green, blue, or yellow fabric marker.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


I was invited to participated in an art exhibit at the SIU library for the "Day Of The Dead".  Tied into this is the disappearance of the Monarch butterfly.  The name of this piece is "Ephemeral" and it is
16  3/4"  x  17".

The natural order is birth...life...death...birth...life...death.  The evolutionary rhythm is eternal and unchangeable, even as it is the source of constant change.  Nature's dance is never personal.  It both creates and destroys, but life always emerges from death, and death from life. 
Generations have dismissed signs and warnings of global catastrophe and we are now watching our world die; not naturally, but from human greed, power, and narcissism.  As we have been taking and taking from our world, without gratitude and stewardship, we have been killing her. 
On this Day Of The Dead, we honor the natural life cycle
and we grieve what humans have wrought. 


Coming And Going!

Well, I'm back.  My old business stuff is mostly settled.  Every time I think it's over, it shows up again.  I call it "The Thing That Wouldn't Die!"  It's kind of like a zombie dynamic.

However, I have finally begun to do my work again. So here goes.....!