Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015---The End!

There are just a few more hours of this year left and I can hear some fireworks in the distance as someone is getting a head start on 2016.  This has been another year of many unexpected changes, my life's story!  Nothing horrible but definitely eye opening.  My daughter had a son, unplanned and worrisome pregnancy, and I now have the sweetest, smiling-est grandchild in the country.  (I would have said the world, but that would have probably been an exaggeration.)  I had a couple of falls and a blood pressure emergency....but I'm just fine.  My sixty year old house also decided that this year would be one of major and no-choice repairs  And my employer decided to close her business.  After running in circles and having to make more decisions, I have finished there and helped close it down on December 18. On December 22, I got sick with the flu my daughter's family had;  it turned into a sinus infection and I am still sick.  I'm now going to go back to private practice (counseling) again and open for business on January 04, 2016.  Right now there is a small office out there filled with furniture and unpacked boxes!  Just stay in the moment.  Be flexible.  Breathe deeply.


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Boro Redux

"Make Do And Mend" came from an old saying about being frugal, not being wasteful, wringing every bit of use out of our belongings.  I think it fits well with this concept.

"Make Do And Mend"
8.75"  x  15.25"

Boro: Metaphor For Life

"Boro" is a Japanese word meaning"tattered rags."  It is used to describe clothes and textiles  that have been patched and repaired many times.  The repairs have extended their lives beyond what would have been expected normally; the life span is altered and continues as work and attention are given to the worn places.  When we do not negatively judge nor deny the inherent value of the fibers, we allow its life to maintain its usefulness and worth.

"Something Old, Nothing New,  Something Pink,
And Something Blue"
8.75"  x  13"