Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015---The End!

There are just a few more hours of this year left and I can hear some fireworks in the distance as someone is getting a head start on 2016.  This has been another year of many unexpected changes, my life's story!  Nothing horrible but definitely eye opening.  My daughter had a son, unplanned and worrisome pregnancy, and I now have the sweetest, smiling-est grandchild in the country.  (I would have said the world, but that would have probably been an exaggeration.)  I had a couple of falls and a blood pressure emergency....but I'm just fine.  My sixty year old house also decided that this year would be one of major and no-choice repairs  And my employer decided to close her business.  After running in circles and having to make more decisions, I have finished there and helped close it down on December 18. On December 22, I got sick with the flu my daughter's family had;  it turned into a sinus infection and I am still sick.  I'm now going to go back to private practice (counseling) again and open for business on January 04, 2016.  Right now there is a small office out there filled with furniture and unpacked boxes!  Just stay in the moment.  Be flexible.  Breathe deeply.


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